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So last night I went clubbing with some girlfriends and something has really been on my mind since last night, so I need to just write about it here even if no one bothers to read it aha.  

Last night we went out to a club just to have a fun and blow some steam after work, and right when we walk in the first thing we see is just guys and girls on the dance floor which was fine, but then we we started dancing and having fun and letting loose and then literally every other minute some guy would come up to one of us and decide it was okay to just grab us or grind on us and basically stick their boners on us.  Honestly it was the most degrading thing I have ever experienced in my life.  It scares me that I live in a generation of guys that feel that it is okay to basically grab girls wherever they want and not think there are any consequences.  First of all if anyone tells me well you went out thats what you should expect, I am basically gonna tell you to go fuck yourself because if I want to be independent and go out after work with some girlfriends and don’t want to feel like I am going to Raped every 5 seconds I have that fucking right.  Second of all, parents should not be raising boys into thinking that it is normal or alright to make girls feel unsafe and violated.  Sure the guys weren’t physically kidnapping us and violently assaulting us but that shouldn’t make it okay for a guy to think he has the right to just put his hands on my body.  At one point of the night me and my girlfriends were just sitting at a table and having a drink and a guy comes up to us puts his ass in my friends face grabs her hands to grab him and starts dancing, and when she pushed him off he went over to me and put his crotch basically in my face and tried to give me a lap dance and I told him to fuck off and thats disrespectful, and he had the nerve to tell us we shouldn’t have come out if we didn’t want that then.  Are you fucking kidding me though, like THIS IS THE FUCKING GENERATION WE LIVE IN. Do you guys actually understand how terrifying this is?!?! Its disgusting and disgraceful and people always ask me oh why are you single like you should date more and that I shouldn’t be so picky but you know what fuck them, I am going to be picky if I want because I don’t feel like I need to settle for anyone.  Especially if this is the generation of men I have to deal with.  It is honestly the most repugnant situation I have ever been in and it is honestly frightens me to think that no one thinks twice about these situations, because if society thinks of this as a “norm” then the younger generation of boys are going to think it is okay to degrade and touch women like this, and don’t get me wrong if you want to go out and have fun and  meet some guys or don’t mind them touching you thats fine, to each their own right.  But at least that will be your choice and a guy should always respect a girl for what they want, especially because girls need to always have final say in who they want touching their body.  


Fun drinking game: take a shot for every chapter you’re behind in textbook reading.

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Dane DeHaan


There are so many plot holes in Vampire Diaries right now it is driving me fucking insane

First of all HOW THE FUCK CAN SOMEONE DIE IF THEY ARE ALREADY DEAD.  if that guy were to “kill” Damon where the hell would he even go after that?

Who and what does Elena think she’s been doing for the past two years? 

What does she think is the reason for her and Stefan Breaking up?!

WHY Does she think she attacked Sarah in the first place?

I just can’t with this show right now, it is actually causing stress. I just want Damon to come back and Elena to remember him and love him so I can live my life in fucking peace.  Is that to much to ask?